Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Antichrist Superstar

'Missed several opportunities to write a blog post which I shall lazily blame the festive season. In reality I think I'm still getting used to the idea to writing my thoughts down for other people to stumble upon and read and also getting used to music being a strong part of my life again and inviting it to become an influence. 
The last point was highlighted by a recent trip to London (New Years Eve). I had planned to spend the day roaming London with my camera and had been looking forward to the opportunity to have a soundtrack to accompany me. However, on the coach heading towards the destination I realised that although I had carefully packed my headphones I had neglected to include my iPod, alas, no music to keep me to task but lesson learnt!  
During my Machine Head listening stint I began reading Marilyn Mansons book which then naturally lead to the next band on my list.
I thought the book was an interesting read and introduced a very human side to man behind the Marilyn Manson character. 
For some reason I stopped listening to Manson after Antichrist Superstar and listening to this album was somewhat nalstalgic. Listening to the bands following albums surprised me - in a good way and I'd like to give them more of a listen. 

Last week also saw me booking tickets for Alt Fest (for Myself and Steve) and Marilyn Manson will be headlining on of the festival days. Today is also Marilyn Mansons (45th) birthday, so Happy Birthday Marilyn!

My new years resolution of seeing at least 1 band play live each month is kick started next week with Lamb of God at Southampton Guildhall. This weeks chosen band is therefore.....    

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